Care Instructions

Your Morpheus Furniture

Congratulations !! You have acquired something very rare in today’s marketplace …… FURNITURE MADE FROM HIGH QUALITY SOLID TIMBER.

Morpheus designs are based on traditional, period English and French styles and as such we do not seek perfection in our products but instead, look for the intrinsic beauty in every piece of timber. Natural marks and inherent imperfections are frequently retained to accentuate authenticity.

Mirroring the great masters of the ‘golden age’ of furniture production we use carefully selected Oak, Ash, Sycamore, Beech and Cherry wood as standard, using skills handed down through the centuries, your furniture, with care, will last for generations.

And for those demanding something truly unique, our bespoke order department will gladly undertake special commissions in the design and timber of your choosing. Environment :

As a natural, organic material, wood retains its individuality and our construction methods allow for slight ‘movement’ according to the conditions of the environment, without cause for concern and cannot be considered a manufacturing fault.

Moving your bed : a warning !!

Your Morpheus bed frame is made in the traditional method where both the mattress and the base are supported on the bed itself.


Your Morpheus Mattress

Mattresses, bases and divans.

Having purchased an excellent Morpheus hand made mattress, we are sure you will agree that it merits special care, so we offer the following advice:

  1. On delivery remove all plastic wrapping as soon as possible to allow the mattress to ‘air’.
  2. Upholstery settlement – all specially selected Morpheus mattresses benefit from extremely generous layers of upholstery fillings designed to complement the springs and follow the body’s contours. As a result, this volume of material takes a little longer to settle evenly than many types of upholstery on other beds.
    Should you find that settlement becomes uneven at any stage of the mattress’s life, we suggest that you turn the mattress [ this does not apply to specific ‘non-turn’ mattresses ] in order to balance the pressure so that the fillings settle uniformly.
  3. Turning the mattress. Matttress types fall into three categories:
    1. those which need to be turned regularly
    2. those which need to be turned occasionally
    3. those which require no turning
    • Regular turn mattresses ….. these are usually the more luxurious models, where more frequent turning is necessary to encourage even distribution of the loose upholstery fillings used. The action helps to derive the full benefits of a design intended to follow the contours of the body and ensure greater comfort.
    • Low turn / occasional turn mattresses …. are especially designed to require less frequent turning whilst still delivering a high degree of comfort and support.
    • Non-turn mattresses ….. are designed to be used on one side only. Visco elastic and ‘pillow top’ mattresses for example, do not require turning.
  4. Tufts.
    All Morpheus mattresses are hand tufted in the traditional way. These tufts ensure that the upholstery remains in place but they may become loose or untethered during the life of the mattress. This is not a design fault, just a natural process of wear and tear which will not affect the performance of your mattress.